Details make the difference

We fully invest ourselves in what we do to ensure you the best experience from the first bite to the last.

But we leave the last word to you!


I swear, they are not fake. They are just made with extreme care!

We have a wide selection of desserts such as pastries, cakes, Colomba (a traditional italian Easter cake) as well as zeppole, croissants, donuts and… homemade Panettone, our most requested product.

Come and taste them all!

We select the best raw materials

For a unique and inimitable product.

Based on the season, we alternate brands and different products we use during the year, so we can always offer you the best quality and freshness.

Our savory delicacies

Natural leavening and many different types of dough.
Not to mention the toppings we put on it!

Bread, pizza, burgers, focaccia and daily specials. Come and choose the right one for you!

Choose us for your lunch break

Seeing is believing.

We are waiting for you everyday from 12am to 2:30pm!


First, second and unique dishes, a choice with an infinite taste.

Every day at Il Paninaro you can choose from about twenty different dishes, all strictly fresh and made with seasonal ingredients.

Not only that…

You can also choose a bottle of wine to your liking.
A place that makes you feel good, we won’t let you settle for anything less than that!

Why not choose us for aperitif?

The best cocktails selected for you.

Discover our drink list with the cocktails which made the history of mixology!


Not just great cocktails.
But also excellent food.

Forget the usual aperitif, at Il Paninaro the drinks are always served with our special pizzas.
This is because we want to offer you the highest quality service, not only in drinking but also in eating.

We are waiting for you!


We are driven by dedication to our work.

Every night, at midnight, we enter the kitchen of our bakery to create delicacies. Thanks to our passion and creativity we always have new pizzas and focaccias – without forgetting the basics – exclusively choosing the freshest ingredients.

The love for what we do has taught us to be very precise in making desserts. We want all of them to look the same, as if they were twins.
But the real magic starts with bread, its simplicity has taught us so much.

The only thing missing is the most sparkling soul of the party, the one you can find in our selection of cocktails, wine and beer.

Always with our hands in the dough

Making you happy is our mission.
“Only” from Monday to Saturday!


This adventure started more than 12 years ago.
When Antonio was sixteen years old, he started working as a baker apprentice in the same building we work today.

In 2016 Antonio, now owner of the bakery, changed the name of the place to Il Paninaro, as a joke, because it was the name that high school students had given to him when he brought snacks to school.
Also in 2016 the bakery became a café and pastry shop.

Today Il Paninaro Bakery is a team made up of Antonio, Roberto and their two mothers, Rosa Anna and Marinella, because the things you made with your family are always the best.

We are here for one reason and one reason only: to be the best for you.

Why are we moved by this ambition?

Because we have struggled a lot to get to the level of precision and flavor we are at now.


Il Paninaro Bakery, sede di Maranello
Via Dino Ferrari, 3 – 41053 Maranello (MO)
Phone: 0536 946128


3:00am – 9:30pm from Monday to Friday
3:00am – 1:30pm Saturday
Closed on Sunday

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Il Paninaro Bakery, sede di Formigine
Via Giardini Sud, 142 – 41043 Formigine (MO)
Phone: 059 712 6121


5:00am – 9:30pm from Monday to Friday
5:00am – 1:30pm Saturday
Closed on Sunday

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